When you start for the first time (either brand new or after the monthly reset), you will have a starter box in your inventory. Place this on the ground like any other placeable block, break it with your fists (3 or so hits), and open the revealed cardboard box to receive basic beginner’s gear; Starter pistol, medkits, food and water, basic iron tools, basic scrap armour.


Use /lobby – Teleport to the server lobby
Use /lobbyback – Teleport back to where you were when initially teleported to the lobby – NOTE: This will only work if you remain in the lobby, if you leave it will not work.

Use /sethome within a claim zone of yours to set a home waypoint – NOTE: Can only be done within your claimed area, place a claim block down first
Use /sethome2 to set a second home waypoint – NOTE: Once again, can only be done within a claim zone of yours
Use /home to teleport to a saved home waypoint, and /home2 to teleport to a second home waypoint
Use /delhome and/or /delhome2 to remove a saved home waypoint

Use /waypoint save 'name' to save a waypoint at a particular spot. Replace ‘name’ with a name of your choice – NOTE: Only three ( 3 ) waypoints can be saved
Use /waypoint 'name' to teleport to a saved waypoint – NOTE: This can only be done outside of a claimed zone. Either leave the claimed area, or first teleport to the lobby before teleporting to your waypoint
Use /waypoint del 'name' to delete a saved waypoint

Bank and Wallet
Use /bank to see the balance of your bank account
Use /wallet to see the balance of your wallet

Depositing and Withdrawing
The only thing that will carry over the monthly server resets will be your bank account, everything else will be wiped. Be sure to deposit all dukes you have into your bank account before the reset.

Depositing dukes into your bank will convert them into braincells. Braincells can be withdrawn into your wallet to allow purchasing from the mod /shop

Deposit dukes into the bank
1) Place the dukes you wish to deposit into a secure storage chest you own
2) Stand near the storage chest 3) type /deposit 'quantity' – NOTE: Using a larger quantity such as 99999999 will deposit all dukes in the chest into your bank account, and can be easier than typing the exact amount.

Braincells can be withdrawn from the bank, and converted back into dukes. by using /withdraw 'quantity' Killing zeds will earn you braincells that will be deposited into your wallet.

To deposit these braincells into your bank account, use /wallet deposit 'quantity' – NOTE: The exact amount must be used as the quantity when depositing from your wallet to the bank

To withdraw braincells from your bank to your wallet to use to buy from the /shop, use /wallet withdraw 'quantity'

Teleporting to a Friend
To teleport to a specific player, you must first be allied with them. When allied, use /friend 'player name' to send a request to that player, who will need to use /accept to accept the teleport request

Get level 1000 and reset your character for 30M and Upgraded Title!

To prestige once you reach level 1000, please advise an admin that you wish to prestige and they will assist you.

Remove ALL gear from your inventory, toolbelt and character (absolutely everything). Anything left on your character WILL BE WIPED when your character is reset, so be sure to remove everything.